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The value of a common project

Corporación HMS

Family-owned, solid and diversified business group, which owns leading companies from different sectors, fostering strategical synergies and with an efficient management of investments to create sustainable value in the long term.


Constant generation of income with the capacity to face unforseen financial events without compromising our stability.


All our companies offer products and services which are superior in quality, keeping the operational efficiency and adapting to changes in the environment.


We keep a continous and balanced growth without compromising the envirnonmental and social resources of future generations.


We are constantly implementing new and creative ideas that provide added value to the products and services of each company.
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Excellence in automotive

Manufacturer company of high-quality engine components specialized in sealing products.

Since 1972, Ajusa meets the needs of the automotive industry with the most complete catalogue in the sector.

90% of our production is exported to over 80 countries and we have branch offices in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, England and France.

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We create a sustainable future

Ajusa TH is a pioneer in the hydrogen technologies research, working on the development of multiple projects with PEM technology for several industries.

Our goal is to guarantee a positive impact both in the economy and the planet and to revolutionize the energy scene using the hydrogen’s potential as an efficient alternative to the traditional energy sources.

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A true gourmet experience

From the heart of Don Quijote’s land, Aldonza elaborates gourmet products with the authentic taste of the Castilla-La Mancha region.

Our wines and cavas, together with the ellaboration of other traditional products from the region of Castilla-La Mancha such as the extra virgin olive oil, the Manchego cheese and the saffron, are the result of passion and a carefully well done job.

Combining the family tradition with sophisticated facilities in order to guarantee the maximum quality in each and every one of our products.

The wine-tourism and olive oil-tourism visits to our premises gained the “Travellers’ Choice” recognition.

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Agricultural wealth in a unique setting

The “Dehesa de Navamarín” is one of the most important private natural parks in Spain, with 2 200 hectares, of which over 300 hectares are devoted to agricultural production.

Its wonderful natural surroundings, with one of the largest Juniper trees reservoir in Europe, has a 1 600 hectares wildlife preservation fencing and a neoclassical-architecture estate that offers all types of services.

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Strategic real estate assests and construction company

Proyectos Castellanos de Inversión is a company with wide international experience in the real estate promotion of land, industrial warehouses, business parks, commercial premises and houses.

As a construction company, it is specialized in the development of industrial and residential complexes. Development of projects for Europe and Latin America with the guarantee of a comprehensive service and personalized guidance.


Connecting your community

Audiovisual production company and advertisment agency specialized in audiovisual campaings at a national level.

Visión Seis also boasts a local television channel in Castilla-La Mancha that offers informative and enterteinment services.


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corporacion hsm
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