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We use own cookies and third party cookies to improve your experience and our services when you surf our web. If you continue surfing, we understand that you accept the use of cookies. Check our Cookie Policy to get additional information about types, purpose and way of managing them.

With the current Cookie Policy CORPORACIÓN HMS HERMASÁN, S.L. guarantees the fulfillment of the applicable regulations. This Cookie Policy may be modified at any time for legal or technical reasons or because of services of the web site. If this happens and in order to advise you, we will publish it in the web site. If you continue using our services, we will understand that you accept the terms of use.

1.What are cookies?

With the purpose to guarantee your security, we inform you that in we use cookies that allow us to facilitate the use and surf in this web site, guarantee access to certain areas and additionally to help us improve the quality of the site and habits of surfing of the users.

A cookie is a downloaded file in your terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet) when you access a web site and that allows the owner of the mentioned web to store or recuperate certain information about different subjects, such as: number of times that the site has been visited by the user, identify the registered user, guarantee the user’s session while surfing the site, allow transactions in a secure and stable way, connect with apps such social media, etc.

As it has been mentioned, cookies offer information about surfing habits of the users, and consequently they may affect the privacy of these habits, for this reason, from the Entity we want to offer you the necessary information about typology of cookies used in our web site, so that you can completely decide the use of them concerning you privacy protection.

In this sense, we inform that in order to be able to use all services and functionalities of, it is necessary to enable cookies in the internet explorer.

2. Tipology of used cookies.

Following, we offer you information about the type of cookies used in and the purpose of these:

• Session cookies: cookies designed and used to store data while the user accesses a web site. These cookies are stored in your terminal until de session is ended by the user.

• Technical cookies: they allow the user to surf the web site and the use of different options or services, for example, to control the traffic and datea communication. They expire at log off.

• Analysis cookies: they are designed and used to follow up and analyze the behaviour of users. These cookies offer the owner of the sit to meausre the activity through aggregate or statistical information. In, for this purpose we use Google Analytics, which have different expiry dates depending on the information offered to the entity.

3. Who uses cookies?

The information obtained through the cookies at may be used both by the owner of the site and a third party giving services to the owner (for example “google”).

4. Managing cookies

Taking into account the information of Cookies Privacy, next we offer information about how you can manage cookies used at through the different options offered by the most common explorers (Explorer, Firefox and Chrome).

If it is not possible to install all cookies of the web site, some areas of the site and also some contents may be affected.

5. How to see cookies

Every explorer offers the possibility to search and see cookies downloaded by a certain web site, obtain information about duration of these and the possibility to delete them, as indicated next. Following you have some links offering information about this from the best known explorers.

• Google Chrome:

• Mozilla Firefox:

• Internet Explorer:

5. How to delete cookies.

To block cookies you must modify the settings of the explorer in your terminal, no matter if it is a computer, smartphone or tablet. Generally, explorers offer the following setting options for cookies:

• Block all cookies; therefore, none will be installed in your terminal.

• The explorer may let you know about cookies so that you can decide if download or not.

• Only block cookies from third party web sites, but not the ones of the site being surfed.

• The option for browsing in private mode by means of which cookies are installed on the terminal but are eliminated automatically when the website browsing is completed.

o Google Chrome:

o Mozilla Firefox:

o Internet Explorer:

• Private surf option, cookies will be installed but deleted once you have finished surfing

o Google Chrome:

o Mozilla Firefox:

o Internet Explorer:

6. User’s opposition to the use of cookies

In case the user opposes to the use of own or third party’s cookies in,, it is possible that some areas of the web site cannot be accessed.

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